Saturday, September 8, 2012

#003 - let the books flow

I love reading and I love buying books. But what you gonna do with the books that you won't read anymore? Also as many Hong Kong people do not live in big flats, we don't always have enough space to keep all of them.

I have started an initiative this year - "let the books flow", meaning that rather than simply throwing them into paper recycling bin or the waste bin, you can give them to someone else:

1. I post photos of books that I want to give away in facebook and see if any of my friends is interested in them. Set a deadline for response.

2. If no one shows his/her hand after the deadline, start considering an organisation which may want to take them.

3. Many youth centres have their own libraries so that's an option.

4. Another option would be university libraries. Email them and confirm whether they want the books. They don't usually take books that they already have, but there are many exceptions so please do ask. Below is the list of some of the libraries.


5. Unfortunately public libraries is NOT an option. They said they only take books which are rare or written by donars themselves. Weird but that's that case.

Any other homes for books? Feel free to share!

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