Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day 2013

New Town Plaza, Shatin
After having some crazy fun in the past few days, I decided to stay home on the Boxing Day for some good rest before going back to work tomorrow. 

It's a lazy day - I slept till noon time and got up for lunch, followed by grabbing a takeaway coffee and getting a new book. 

AND NOW I am sorting out my study notes. I have been typing my own notes for exams and very often I handwrote remarks after printing the stuff. 

And, I insisted not to throw them away before I add those remarks into the softcopy too. So, I am doing this.

To be honest, the chance for reading those notes again is very low, however, I just think I have to do it. A waste of time that it could be, this is one of the things which just makes me feel right. 

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