Sunday, June 10, 2012

my first myluxbox

the power of public relations - i read an article in iMoney which tempted me to give it a try!

definitely good news for the ladies - now we do not have to make purchases without trying a product (i am not talking about TESTING the product at the counter). you can opt for paying a small sum of money to get 4-6 samples of cosmetics and skincare products which are picked by the vendor. the size of the samples is good enough for you to use for a few times.

it's not something brand new and apart from myluxbox, where i got my "first box", there are some other vendors offering similar experience to customers and one of them is glamabox, which is founded by Lisa S. both vendors charge HK$108 per box, with some discounts if you commit for a few months or more.

the workflow is pretty straight forward - you first have to register at the website, fill in personal particulars and also skincare profile, pay for paypal, then the box will be sent to your address.

the first box that i had was for May which has 6 products in total, you can find the details here.

the box also comes with a card with details of the products in the box, and also the prices of the "real" products.

i am getting another box from myluxbox for June, and i am considering to get one from glamabox for july, so i can make comparison.

one point to note is that myluxbox has extended the offerings to men and mum & baby.

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