Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cut-out cops

When I watched the TV news last night and saw this, I LAUGHED!

Here's the lively report from RTHK:

Cut-out cops to combat speeding

The police are not often in the business of fooling people. But this time they will be doing just that - by placing two life-sized cut-out police officers on major highways in a bid to persuade motorists to lower their speed. The force are hoping that the new approach can reduce the number of traffic accidents.

You know what, each of this costs a few thousand hongkies and the Police Force will review this new approach in a few months time.

I was wondering if we will have cut-out teachers in classrooms soon so students would be more well-behaved? Well I do doubt if this is going to work at all.


  1. 呀,堅定流的,上面的是紙板警察? :P

  2. yes, look at this,